TO’s contract

I was discussing the Cowboys off season plans with a buddy of mine (the Cowboys have a lot of free agents and restricted free agents) when I realized that TO is only going to have one year left on his deal after the season.  Has the media asked him whether he will seek a new deal after the season?  Anyone asked Jerry? 

Things were great in Philly as they are in Dallas, until he wanted a new deal.  A couple of things are interesting when you think of extending T.O. 

  1. He’s 33 years old
  2. The Cowboys extended Terry Glenn at around the same age and he may be done but the team will still take a cap hit
  3. Everyone thought Marvin Harrison was immune to age also…but he’s missed the past several weeks with a knee injury
  4. It’s unlikely, T.O. and Rosenhaus go into next year with a one year deal
  5. T.O.’s number will place him in the top 5 WR so he’ll want that type of money.

I’m surprised that I haven’t seen this mentioned at all.  Afterall, we heard for weeks and weeks about the Romo situation. 

Other Cowboys players who will want new contracts:  not all of these guys are unrestricted but they are getting underpaid and in the NFL you go after your money as fast as possible because your career can end on one play

  • Barber
  • Julius
  • Flozell
  • Newman
  • Hamlin
  • Crayton
  • Reeves
  • Ratliff
  • Canty

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