SEO Cheater of the Day

Wow.  These bastards are blatantly cheating with little regard for the rules.  Of course, I figured they were cheating right away with all that extra space at the bottom of the page.  But, i had no idea it was this bad.  There is tons of hidden text on that page. 

It is surprising how many sites still employ this technique to achieve rankings…and the biggest problem is that Google isn’t catching them.  For all of Google’s scare tactics, it’s becoming obvious to me that they can’t catch websites cheating.  Yeah..  Yeah.  I have read all of the warnings from Google and the other so called SEO experts out there but the reality is that websites who cheat consistently get high rankings. 

Time and time again, I find websites ranked very high who are using simple cheating tactics.  Google it’s time to clean up your search results or perhaps people will turn to a search engine who can. 

As always, report these cheaters to Google.

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One response to “SEO Cheater of the Day

  1. Aaron at FullTiltBlogging

    Yeah, pretty blatant.

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