Stop with the Patriots Running up the Score Talk

If I hear one more person “whine” about how the Patriots are running up the score…I’m going to lose it.  When did we become so whiney about Pro Sports and in particular, the NFL?

First, let’s set the record straight…the Patriots did not run up the score on Dallas (I am a huge Dallas fan), the cowboys failed to stop Kyle Eckel on a one yard run in the 4th quarter.  Who is Kyle Eckel and why couldn’t the cowboys stop him?  They couldn’t stop him because they beat our defense up throughout the whole game and we had nothing left.  That’s our fault.

Second, against the Dolphins the Patriots put in their backup QB at the beginning of the 4th quarter and he throws a pick that’s returned for a TD.  So Belichek puts in Brady who promptly drives the team down for a score of their own.  Then they put the backup back in.  Is there something wrong with that?  If you think there is then you have no concept of sports and how quickly teams can win.  What if he left Cassel in and he threw another pick or fumbled the snap? 

 Last week you could make a case that they ran up the score by 7 points…but who cares?  I hate the Redskins anyways…I know that’s not important but I just wanted to say it.  The Redskins did run their mouths all week and when it came down to it, they couldn’t stop the Pats…whose fault is that? 

Now, for all the sports writers and analysts out there saying that “someone will take a cheap shot at Brady” because of the Pats strategy in the 4th quarter of games.  What the hell is wrong with you?  First, it’s an insult to every NFL player as you are suggesting that they would jeopardize their career over a TD at the end of a blowout.  That’s a bush league move and for you to suggest it is irresponsible.  Especially someone like Cower who should be ashamed that he brought it up. 

The last time I remember something like that happening was the hit on Jimmy Mac when the Bears were playing the Packers.  That guy got like a 4 game suspension and I would bet if anyone does it against Brady they’ll get a year.  And it would start a brawl on the field and probably scar the NFL forever, think Detroit/Indiana and the NBA.

So for someone like Whitlock to say this:

   Belichick wants to score points in the fourth quarter of routs, someone needs to put Brady, Moss and Wes Welker on blast.

Football is a horrifically violent sport. If you can’t beat ’em, you might as well beat somebody. Belichick’s approach is putting a target on the back (and head) of players who don’t deserve it.

Where’s the basis for this?  Have you heard a player threaten this?  He also says this:

With the entire football world watching this Sunday, Belichick would be wise to express regret about New England’s actions last week and in the first half of the season

What actions in the first half of the season are you talking about?  The Cowboys game?

Whitlock does make a good point about defenses putting in their starters at the end of games to ensure a shutout…which is basically the same thing.  It’s more humiliating to get shut out than to lose by 35 points. 

So. let’s stop the whining and if you don’t want to get blown out then play better and stop the other team from scoring.  And if anyone takes a cheap shot at Brady or Moss (and ruins the season for fans across the league) then I blame people like Bill Cower and Jason Whitlock and not the Patriots. 


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