Spammers and Grammar

Notice to all unemployed college grads with English Degrees:  This might actually work.

 I wonder if there is a company out there who offers grammatical advice to spammers.  We all get these emails from Nigeria or the UK or the Congo or wherever and they all are easy to spot as spam because the english is terrible.  There are usually spelling mistakes or made up words or words way out of place.  So, why doesn’t someone offer to help the spammers out? 

Take this recent Spam that I got.

Good day,

I sincerely write to seek your co-operation and trust in respect to a business opportunity in our Company.We are a corporation that deal on chemical fixing systems and export into America, Canada & Europe.We are presently in search of Partners/Liaison Officers with Good working experience and Credible Character.

Now what if that was written better?  It might fool a few more people.  Heck, maybe there is a company out there that is doing this.  Of course, the average Nigerian Spammer may not have 10 bucks to pay anyone an hour or who would actually trust them to pay but still someone could make it work. 

Whitelisting companies should offer this as an upcharge.  Is there a craigslist for Nigeria?  Run some ads people.  So I never have to read something this poorly written:

Obtain the_degree you deserve, based on your present knowledge and life experience.

A prosperous future, money earning power, and the Admiration of all.

Degrees from an Established, Prestigious, Leading Institution.

Your Degree will show exactly what you really can do.


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