Fun with Google Results

I ran across this tonight during some research.

Now look at the first result…the Samsung german site, in detail.  Why?  I am in the US and when I type in Samsung in Google I get a German site as my number one result.  This makes a lot of sense Google. 

Compare that with this:

This first result looks better.

So why is Google giving me the German page?  I really don’t know.  I usually assume Google is very good at broad searches (meaning on a national level) and as you get more localized their results are worse and worse.  It seems as though they don’t update their local results very often and leave old pages ranked high for very long periods of time even if the websites are broken and not in use any longer.  But this is for a very common word.

Also, notice that Samsung has all the results on the first page.  That’s very important to them as they control most traffic to their products.  Unlike Vizio’s results.

So ideas on


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