San Diego – The Water Bomber is on its way

They’ve called in the big dogs…after only 3 days.  wow!  should we be impressed.  Well, I am impressed at this plane

What Can We Provide?

* The world’s largest scooping waterbomber with a 60,000 lb. payload (7,200 US gallons)
* 45+ years of experience in aerial fire suppression
* The world’s best initial attack machine
* Sustained operations for up to 6 hours per sortie
* A system which also complements the use of long-term retardant
* A self-contained mobile unit
* Contractual or casual call-out services
* A safety record of 45+ accident-free years
* Sea or fresh water capability
* Two styles of drop systems – bottom or side
* Uses to drop gel, foam or water

Why is it just now being called in?  I keep reading about how “well” the response has been to these fires as compared to katrina (even though you can’t compare the two disasters) but why wait until the fires are dying down?  They could have used this plane to drop retardant on areas ahead of the fires.  Maybe instead of buying that next military plane we should buy this thing for Southern California. 


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