Some WTH? News Items

Don’t know how else to put it…but be warned thinking about these too long can drive you crazy. 

 Let’s start with the ol’ White House.  They sent a message to the Russians “have your elections in a free, fair, and democratic manner.”  Umm, are they serious?  Can they really say that with a straight face?  Hey how are those e-voting machines working out?

Also, Bush signed the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 which sounds great..let’s lower the Deficit.  Although it’s not being reduced at all.  They keep increasing it to pay for Wars but at the same time cut into child support payments.  Is this rational?

Greenspan has a solution to our economic problems…drive down wages of those who actually get paid well and that will decrease the disparity between rich and poor.   Combine that idea with the fact that the dollar keeps decreasing (which lowers what we make on an international level) and we would become a nation with plenty of cheap labor for rich nations.  Isn’t that a step back? 

And finally, the democratic congress (which amazingly enough has a lower approval rating than Bush) decides that a war tax is what we really need.  Did we really elect that Congress to tax us to pay for the wars that they were put in to end? 

 At least we aren’t killing and imprisoning Monks


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