The movie 300

So I just got around to seeing it this past weekend…what a load of crap.  They just combined the speeches from Braveheart and the directing from Gladiator…and poof you got a movie with a bunch of swords and guys with their shirts off.

Were we really supposed to buy those “freedom” speeches from the king of Sparta?  If you know anything about history, then you know that isn’t the definition of a free society.  It would have been ok if they tried to get away with it once but throughout the whole movie?  Come on. 


One response to “The movie 300

  1. You are proving to be quite the idiot with this post. I’m disappointed.

    First, do you really think the movie is about “real freedom,” or just good action? Come on, it’s a great action movie.

    Second, the cinematography was amazing.

    Third, it was a great movie.

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