SEO for China

Found a great little write up about Baidu and Google-China

The SEO rules for the Chinese Internet market (Baidu and Google China) are a bit different than that of any other country. The Internet market works differently due to various social, political and technological reasons. It’s quite remarkable that Google China has so far failed to take over the Chinese search engine market which is still dominated by Baidu – maybe the only company in the world still beating Google in their own niche.

It’s really a good read and something anyone in the SEO biz should read up on.  It’s also great for businesses looking to market their products in China.  It really is a whole different world in that market as the author points out. 

Baidu is extremely sensitive to some information, so totally avoid mentioning or writing adult content, pornography, or Chinese government forbidden keywords. Having any of those will not only affect the page the content is on but also the entire website.

Also, don’t overlook this important story from the same author.  The top 5 most beautiful girls in China.


2 responses to “SEO for China

  1. i never tried . but why you specified that , its from china ?
    any special thing in it?

  2. I think Baidu are branching out since they’ve just launched a Japanese site recently.

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