Nice Screwup Yahoo

Who is making the decisions over there?  Now, they have screwed up my favorite sports page.  Up until a week ago, I would go to the yahoo sports page and click on the fantasy link for a quick rundown of the sports stories of the day.   They used to list each major sport and the top 5 or 6 stories of the day.  It was a good way to scan what was happening without having to deal with any fluff.  But no more.

Those idiots screwed up the page so that it is now worthless.  Screw You Yahoo!  You just lost a customer and I’m sure I’m not alone.  I don’t see any useful info on your new page so I’m back to ESPN or Fox Sports.  This is the 2nd time yahoo has made changes to their design that went against their niche.  It pushed them closer to ESPN and that’s not where they should be.

Oh yeah, great job on your fantasy football.  I’m pretty sure when you delete the drafts of fantasy football participants that they won’t go back to your service. 

Rant of the day. 


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