Cowboys and Giants

Terrible Defense by both teams.  Romo made some great throws and did a great job of hanging in the pocket.  A couple of random notes:

Wade’s Defense:

  • terrible
  • little pressure
  • will give up lots of big plays
  • both canty and spears were invisible
  • what do you do without ferguson?


  • actually played well
  • pretty accurate throughout the whole game

Roy Williams

  • can’t tackle
  • can’t cover
  • can’t take on blocks
  • really not a physical player
  • cowboys would be better off if he wasn’t on the team
  • really, why doesn’t he tackle correctly?

Any team that plays Dallas should just lineup with two WR’s and throw deep on the CB Roy is helping.  And when dallas puts Roy at LB in the nickel and dime then I would just send my wr’s on deep outs and exploit roy in the middle of the field. 

I love Ratliff but I’m not sure he can hold up for an entire game.  Also, I really wanted to see what Jacobs could do with a full game but the injury bug bit him.


The morning news touched on this a little and Wade in his Press Conference:

Phillips was asked to evaluate Roy Williams’ performance in the game.

“You’re not going to get me to comment on my players and say, ‘This guy played bad,’ ” Phillips said.

But, the only focus is on Roy’s pass defense (which is horrible).  What about his poor tackling techinque?  No one talks about that, it’s almost as bad. 


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