When the Levees Broke – Spike Lee’s Film

I watched the first Act last night (or rather most of the first act…I missed the first 15 mins) and for anyone who hasn’t seen it, I have one piece of advice…Watch it this week!

A little background on me.  I have been to New Orleans a half a dozen times, had some family who grew up there, and grew up an LSU basketball fan (went to camp there in high school).  So, I am biased in that I really love that city. 

Also, I was in New Orleans about 6 days after Katrina…before it was open to the public.  I got to see a lot of the aftermath myself. 

Spike Lee’s film really brought back a lot of memories from that storm.  I think as the months pass we kind of forget what happened and to what extent.  Katrina was so much worse than 9-11.  I really can’t imagine how people who went through that are coping.  Imagine losing everything you own, fighting for survival for 5 days wading through sewage and dead bodies and then being shipped off to a new city. 

That’s a simplification of what many of those residents went through.   The film has amazing and disturbing pictures and video of just how bad things were during that time.  This is a timeline of the events.  It’s still amazing and shocking that the federal response was so slow.  It took them 5 days to really start getting anything done.  Anyone who has ever been to New Orleans knew that this was a possibility…so why wasn’t there anything done to prepare on the national level?  You have about 130K people who don’t have cars in that city so you know there will be a large population still there. 

The federal governments ignorance and incompetence should really scare people because any one of us could find ourselves in a similar situation if a disaster occurs in our city. 


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