SEO Cheat’n From an SEO Company

Gotta love it.

First, look at the D-Bags site.

View the source and look at the content div.  See all that text?  It doesn’t appear in the actual page that users view.  It’s there for the search engines.   They hid it by making it start 1200px from the top but you (the user) only get to see 480px from the top.  Pretty sneaky.  Got to do better to fool the jack bauer of search engine optimization.

Report them to Google by opening up this page.  The exact search query is cleveland seo and the resulting page is  Notice that they are ranked very high, yes cheating does work until you are caught.

Tell them about the hidden text in the content Div. 

Now, pat yourself on the back for doing your good deed of the day or have a beer whatever you prefer.


4 responses to “SEO Cheat’n From an SEO Company

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  2. The content div is for mobile users. Positioning does not apply to mobile users. So if you view the site from a mobile phone the user still gets all the information on the site.

  3. that’s not why it’s there though.

  4. Mobile users are important to inamics thats why inamic’s main page also follows xhtml standards.

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