Construction Slowdowns and Illegals

What will happen as construction slows down over the next year or so? 

New construction and even remodeling have been at such high levels for the past few years and we all know that many of those employers use illegals and day labor.  So what happens when those people can’t find work?  They can’t go get other jobs.  They aren’t going to be able to get unemployment. 

Higher crime rates? 

Will they go back across the border?

Will states change their policies to allow for more aid?

How will this affect the communities where illegals live?  Will they fight for jobs amongst themselves?  What about amongst those who are legal but live in areas with a large illegal population, will their be resentment? 

Many people who have small construction companies have really benefited over the past few years but those companies are going to feel the crunch now and not only will they hire fewer people but in many cases the owners themselves will start to do some of the work as a way to cut costs.  This will lower the demand for day labor even more. 

I’m curious to what people think about this and really what some of the presidential candidates think about this. 


2 responses to “Construction Slowdowns and Illegals

  1. Higher crime rates. It is already happening look at New Jersey. It is going to get worse.

  2. Hey Cool,

    It’s already happening in New Jersey? Don’t know much about the Jersey situation.

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