More Vick from Whitlock

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse…oh man that is a bad way to start this. 

I usually like Jason Whitlock’s articles…I don’t read them all but I read a few a month and he usually makes some great points.  He actually does in this article too.

He starts off with:

I agree with the president of Atlanta’s NAACP. The NFL should welcome Michael Vick back to its league once he has finished serving jail time for his involvement in dog fighting.

Ok, obviously by my last post I don’t agree with this but let’s find out his reasoning:

Michael Vick and every other convicted felon deserve an opportunity to re-enter society and earn an honest living. Now that Vick has acknowledged his wrongdoing, offered an apology through his attorney and is prepared to accept his fate, we should treat him with compassion, and support his rehabilitation efforts.

I’m all for giving people 2nd chances when they have made mistakes…let them pay the price and then see if they can turn their life around.  But, playing in the NFL is a privilege and not a right.  Vick isn’t entitled to that privilege. 

Whitlock compares the Vick situation to the Imus situation.

We have to put an end to the political game of “racial gotcha.” It’s backfiring on everybody. We no longer seek understanding. We seek vigilante justice. We want high-profile people to serve as examples of the kind of harsh punishment America is willing to dole out if you make a mistake. We think if Vick and Imus lose their jobs and are totally disgraced, their demise will make the world a more civil place.

I’m not so sure. I think we’re becoming more bitter. We look for chances to screw the “other” guy.

I understand what Whitlock is saying but these two situations are very very different.  Imus said one thing one time.  Vick bank rolled a dog fighting operation that lasted a few years.  That’s not one mistake…that’s a bunch of mistakes over a very long period of time. 

Rather than slap Vick with a suspension, Goodell should slap him with a host of stipulations regarding his return to the league. Require Vick to work with animals, speak to kids about his troubles, etc. Treat Vick better than he treated his pit bulls.

Uh.  Vick shouldn’t be required to do any of that.  He should want to do it.  No one knows what kind of person Vick will be when he gets out.  I know people who went to prison for years and guess what they don’t come out the same.  It’s a very violent place and it’s not exactly a rehabilitation center.  In some of cases people come out worse than they were before. 

Whitlock completely ignores the fact that Vick was involved in this for years.  It’s not a one time thing and this is the guy who flipped off his own fans.  You stay classy Mike. 


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