SEO Bastard of the Day

Check out the cheaters! 

We got hidden text everywhere!  Just hold down your left mouse button and discover it everywhere.  They are key word stuffing hidden text left and right.  Report Em People.  Don’t be scared by the fact that they work for the Indian Army. 

Please report these D-bags to Google Page.

The search string is india web design and the result is


3 responses to “SEO Bastard of the Day

  1. OOh gawd. I really didn’t think even school kids did that hidden text trick as its sooo last century I’ve read or possibly was told that google automatically checks for hidden words, though of course it must depend on how words are hidden. hmm..

  2. Why even bother reporting them? Google has known about this for years and has been banning sites accordingly.

  3. Well we all know that Google says they are banning sites…but the fact is they are not. If some sites slip through then there is something wrong with how they detect this.

    Google asks that you report spam in their index. They need this information to improve their rankng system.

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