Don’t do this to your Website

I was doing some research for a client and ran across this site…Why do this to me?????

 I don’t want to “launch” your website, I just want in from the landing page.  geez.  And then you tell me I need this and that.  If you want to sell me something make it easy for me to see it.  BTW…I never launched the site and I refuse to.  Maybe I’m a militant surfer…but hey, I’m also a consumer.


2 responses to “Don’t do this to your Website

  1. I agree, I hate windowed Web sites. With the amount of negative popups and considering that most browsers now come with blockers of some sort, it beggers belief to see designers forcing it. I don’t have flash installed on my main browser either and I’m not going to install it just to view their site – I’d rather give it a miss!

  2. I totally agree and dont’ understand why designers dont’ realize this. I think it goes back to the fact that most designers have little business since. They can make things very pretty but not necessarily with the user in mind.

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