A Positive Article on Bonds

Obviously, a bunch of stuff out there on Barry Bonds today.  Most of it is negative but I did run across one positive article. 

Barry Bonds is becoming a sympathetic figure.

Can you sense it? Don’t worry, because it’s not just you. The tide of public opinion is turning. Maybe it’s not exactly in Bonds’ favor — nationwide, baseball fans as a group will probably never be for Bonds. But they no longer seem to be against him, certainly not as much as they were a few weeks ago when he began zeroing in on the esteemed Hank Aaron’s record of 755 career home runs.

The author goes on to say this about the media and thier reporting of the San Deigo game where Bonds tied the record.

The next day’s San Diego Union-Tribune didn’t accurately reflect what happened. Columnist Tim Sullivan described the applause as “polite,” which is true but misleading. A two-minute kiss also is “polite.” But it’s a lot more than that.

Sullivan’s jaundiced eye reflects the mood of the media, which I’m starting to believe no longer reflects the mood of the nation. After No. 755, occasional fabulist Mitch Albom of the Detroit Free Press panned Bonds’ record as fiction. Selena Roberts of the New York Times dusted off her thesaurus to castigate, obliterate and desiccate Bonds. Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News completely misrepresented the atmosphere in San Diego, noting that “while some cheered, many fans booed when Bonds hit No. 755 to tie Aaron.”

The smear campaign on Bonds is beginning to look inappropriate, almost unfair, like a boxing beatdown that needs to be stopped.

I completely agree.  Just look at the headlines today.

Bonds holds the home run record but he’s no hero.

Bonds record homer doesn’t enhance baseball.

Hell, even Bush didn’t call him.  There are so many jokes on that one, that I wouldn’t even know where to start.

I was listening to Eric Young on ESPN yesterday and he made the point about all the focus on Bonds and not on the other players who used steroids during that era…an hour earlier I watched Mike Piazza at the plate…a guy drafted as a favor and then becoming a great hitter (and a huge guy) only to have his body break down.  sound familiar? 


2 responses to “A Positive Article on Bonds

  1. I have written and stated for some time the true villan of the steroids in basball story is Bud Selig. Barry Bonds is being made a scapegoat for a problem that involved a significant % of the league because it wasn’t against the rules of baseball. Now it is. The people who tested positve this year and last year were cheating. Sammy Sosa cheated with a corked bat. Gaylord Perry cheated with a spitball. It has to be against the rules to be considered cheating!
    The Sultan on Sports


  2. I agree with you. Selig wasn’t asking questions during the single season homerun chase. He’s just choosing not to take any blame and instead put it on Barry.

    Selig is a joke. I still argue that if Barry took steroids, they probably cost him his knees the past few years and therefore the numbers probably balance out. It’s not like he had better steroids than the other players.

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