Global Warming and Jack Bauer?

I don’t even know where to start:

The “24” page at now features energy conservation tips and a public service announcement about global warming featuring Kiefer Sutherland; more information will be posted when the show airs in January. Plus, climate change will be incorporated into the series’ plot (which just might scare some viewers into taking action).

Global Warming is the hurricane of this year.  How are they going to work that into the plot?  And isn’t this just copying Steven Seagal and On Deadly Ground?  Talk about being ahead of your time…that was 1994.

I love the end of this article:

The extent to which the plan will reduce the show’s imprint on Earth is difficult to calculate, but the measures certainly won’t hurt; more shows and films aiming to reduce their carbon footprints could have a considerable impact. Some productions before “24” were green — films such as “Syriana” and “An Inconvenient Truth” were carbon-neutral, as was Comedy Central‘s recent roast of Flavor Flav. But “24’s” weekly visibility might spark a domino effect — in Hollywood, Bollywood and beyond.

The roast of Flavor Flav?  So many questions come to mind.


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