Mike Vick should be afraid

There is no way Mike Vick can play this year. 

He would need so much security to protect him from animal rights activists.  Peter King alluded to this a little in his column today:

There is concern over security at the 50-acre training-camp site and training complex in Flowery Branch, 40 minutes north of Atlanta. Would metal detectors be needed?

I was wondering when this point would be made.  For Vick’s own safety (and his teammates), he should stay away from the NFL until this case is settled.  It may not be fair because you are innocent till proven guilty, but the reality is this:

Vick is linked to dog fighting

Many people believe dogs are like their children

Therefore, in some eyes Vick participated in “infant fighting”

Now you don’t think there is a chance someone acts on that?  How many times has it happened over abortion? 

I’m just saying if I’m Mike Vick….I stay home and out of sight. 


3 responses to “Mike Vick should be afraid

  1. Good point. I believe Vick deserves due process, though I in no way discount the severity of the charges. He has the potential to jeopardize many more lives than just his own by playing this year. Some members of the animal rights fringe have made veiled threats against him already. Add to this the fact that Americans identify very personally with their dogs and could never conceive of such a cruel act, and you have the possiblity for a vulnerable Vick (and possibly other players) to be harmed on the field.

  2. I didn’t know he had already gotten threats…yeah, it could get ugly fast.

    15 years ago this probably wouldn’t have been such a big case as dogs weren’t treated quite as well as they are. I am amazed at how people can’t believe that this happens. People pay big money to see two humans fight so why wouldn’t some pay to see dogs.

    It happens out there, it sucks but the world ain’t pretty in some places.

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