When it comes to SEO…what is Cheating?

It’s not really an easy question to answer.  I think sometimes designers “accidentally cheat” and hide text or add text as just a way to keep the site to their taste.  Other times, designers purposely hide things and trick the user just to get better search results. 

Take a look at this crappy site.  Now, they have hidden the words “San Diego” at the top.   Not a huge deal but it is hidden text designed so that they pull up under San Diego searches. 

But, that’s not all…now look at the bottom of the page.  They have put every zip code and city in San Diego and the surrounding area.  That’s fine if they want to do that but they put the text in a very light color against that background so it barely shows up.  They are trying to hide it from their viewers but keep it for the search engines.  A very borderline SEO trick.   So are they cheaters?

I say yes they are!  And I say this because I checked out a website that they did for a client.  Here is the crappy site.   Ignore all the crap at the top and Scroll down to the bottom of the page.  They did it again.  They put in every zipcode and city in southern california.  That’s their tactic.  It’s not a mistake or one-time thing. 

I say that’s cheating and I say report’em.  Am I wrong?

Please report these bastards to Google Page and Yahoo here

If you have a google account use this: Google Webmaster account

 Here is the search string for google (you need this when you report them):


this is for the coupon site:


“the jack bauer of search engine optimization”


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