What is the US building?


I was watching a show on the Hoover Dam the other day and I thought about what projects were going on now that were somewhat comparable and of course the Big Dig popped into my mind.  Obviously, that wasn’t a positive thought, with all the problems of that project. 

A friend recently got back from Dubai and was raving about all of their projects.  This is a nice slideshow of some of their projects including “Ski Dubai” the 32,290 square-foot, $275 million structure that visitors ski and snowboard . 

I was also taking a look at a slideshow from China.  Including a pic of “linked hybrid”

Linked Hybrid, which will house 2,500 people in 700 apartments covering 1.6 million square feet, is a model for large-scale sustainable residential architecture. The site will feature one of the world’s largest geothermal cooling and heating systems, which will stabilize the temperature within the complex of eight buildings, all linked at the 20th floor by a “ring” of service establishments, like cafés and dry cleaners. A set of dual pipes pumps water from 100 meters below ground, circulating the liquid between the buildings’ concrete floors.

Also, check out their airport.

So, after all this, what is my point?  Are we doing anything like this?  Do we have any wonders that people would travel to see because besides these things looking pretty they will also bring millions in tourism dollars.   Well, there is that embassy in Iraq…

I gotta run and book a flight in 3 weeks to San Francisco instead of being able to buy a ticket on a high speed train 2 days before…but I’m not bitter…no not at all. 

Btw.  that pic at the top is of a highway in Dubai.  try to navigate that.


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