SEO Cheater – Hidden Text?

These tricky bastards are using a slightly different font to disguise key words.  Technically, the text is not hidden.  If you look to the bottom of the page you will see text in a color very very similar to the color of the background.  The text is just barely visible to the naked eye. 

So why are they doing this?  Theey are stupid?  (well, yes…but there is more) They are repeating key words and phrases over and over to gain rankings.  It looks very spammy so by putting the text in a color similar to the background, they are sort of hiding it.  Not exactly but enough that it should trigger google watch…or at least Jack Bauer.

Not a good practice for a company in the biz.  Either make that text completely visible and let your spam show through or take it out.  This is your company’s homepage…you really want to trick people right off the bat?

Please report these bastards to Google Page and Yahoo here.

Here are the strings:


2 responses to “SEO Cheater – Hidden Text?

  1. justmarketing

    Nice catch. Have reported them as mentioned in post. Keep it up.

  2. weboptimizers

    Hidden text is a trick of black hat seo. We must discourage these sort of tactics since they can harm your rankings.

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