NBA Summerleague Players to Watch

I was going through the rosters of the summerleague and a few players jumped out at me.

I’m not going to name the obvious rookies but moreso the journeymen who are trying to make it back or young guys who are under the radar.

Randy Livingston – Bucks

I’m a little surprised to see Randy playing in the summer league.  A crafty veteran who has a shot to be their 3rd point guard and provide some leadership to the young players.  But, will have to hit some jump shots and defend.

Toby Bailey – Warriors

Wow.  He’s back.  Had a decent run with the Suns back in the day.  Good size and pretty versatile but lacks quickness and a consistent shot.  He’s been playing in Belgium and Greece.  Where’s Ed O’bannon when you need him?

Jackie Butler – Spurs

High School Center who spent some time with the Knicks.  He has a chance to make the Spurs rotation.  We will see how much he has learned and whether he is in shape.  He can score.

Donnell Harvey – Spurs

Former 1st round pick and early entry selection out of Florida.  Was compared to Rodman but never panned out for the Mavs.  Supposedly a good rebounder and defender.  Offense is non existent but very athletic.  Probably gets cut.

Mario Boggan – Nuggets

Great college player.  Really powerful but undersized for the NBA.  It will be interesting to see if he can find a niche. 

Nikoloz Tskitishvili – Nuggets

Tore up the summerleague circuit two years ago but is now a fledgling NBA player.  Will he stick with a team?

I haven’t watched any of the games yet but the stats make them look brutal.  So many fouls called that I can’t imagine there is much rhythm.  Also, I noticed that the assist to turnover ratio is terrible.  It’s like 1 assist for every 3 or 4 turnovers.  Watching guys go one on one gets old fast. 


One response to “NBA Summerleague Players to Watch

  1. The Lakers Jarvis Critteon is pretty good too. Much better then Smush Parker. I don’t know why the Clippers didn’t take him. They really need a point guard with Livingston injured and Cassel getting too old.

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