It’s Almost Training Camp Time!

Finally, the NFL is almost here. 

 The cowboys open July 24th…yes that’s still almost two weeks away but the training camp previews are starting.

Micky Spags has an article out there on the value of Terence Newman and how if he gets injured we are screwed.

Now Newman. He’s gone. Who goes in? Aaron Glenn, probably. But then Glenn turns 35 on Monday. Asking him to play 60 plays a game for like 12 straight weeks might be a tad much. And if he’s starting, who you like in the slot on the nickel? How you feeling about Jacques Reeves or Nate Jones? Might have to be Joey Thomas or one of those rookies, Alan Ball or Courtney Brown? Or what you say about Quincy Butler? We are turning over jobs to guys, other than Glenn, not guaranteed to make the team.

It’s been awhile since the Cowboys lost a starter in training camp…we need a contingency plan in place for every player.  That brings me to Daunte Culpepper.  I’d like to see the cowboys bring him in to be the backup and protect us from Tony Romo getting hurt or him sucking. 

“But, we have Brad Johnson!”

Seriously?  If you watched him play for the Vikes you know he has very little left.  Even two years ago when people were praising him…he wasn’t very good.  He barely made any plays and that team focused on the running game. 

Romo was horrible in half the games he played last year.  He put up big numbers at the end of games but he was erratic for most of the first 3 quarters.  I’m hopeful he is more consistent this year but we don’t know at this point.  A backup plan would be nice.

Daunte is a risk but one that could pay off for us. 


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