Random Sunday Notes

Ok, I am just going to throw out some random crap and hope something sticks.

Want some free scientific pics?  I’m sure some people are into this.

Check out the Daily Darfur.  In case you forgot how bad it is over there and how great you have it.  Anyone follow up with LeBron on this?

A horrible day in Iraq.  How much longer are we in this fight?

Cindy Sheehan throws the smack down on Pelosi.   What will Pelosi do?

How much money does your candidate have?  Why does the AP only report these three?  Ron Paul has as much as McCain…but no mention? 

And finally, tatoos and jobs.   How is this a shock?  Visible tatoos hinder your job chances…wow really?  Duh.  Facial hair can keep you from getting a job in some fields.  If you want to tat up that’s fine…but it comes with consequences. 


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