Update on Ron Paul being kicked out

I don’t know if this is true but I thought it should be added.

I think every other Republican Candidate should say they won’t attend the debate unless Ron Paul is allowed to participate…afterall they are all in the same party.  Instead of pushing the coordinators of the event I would be pushing the participants to take a stand in the interest of fairness and doing what is right.   just my opinion.  And I’d start with McCain.


2 responses to “Update on Ron Paul being kicked out

  1. Good idea, very ethical. I think the other candidates fear debating Paul on the issue of tax relief though.

    I was very upset the past day and thinking, how could Ron Paul have not been invited to the forum?

    The fact that he wasn’t invited and after listening to Edward Failor on the radio it sounds like there is no way he will be invited, I think actually helps the Paul campaign because it is becoming more obvious that Paul is being censored.

  2. Ed Failor is a senior advisor for the McCain campaign. He is obviously blocking Paul because he considers Paul a threat to his political agenda. Apparently Iowans have no problem with his lack of ethics or they would put pressure on him to include Paul.

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