A few random political thoughts

I thought I would just voice my opinion and give a brief rundown of some things going on with the presidential race.

First, Hillary made a video…it’s a spoof of the Sopranos.  This was a  great move by her campaign from a marketing standpoint.  So many people are talking about this video who otherwise wouldn’t be .  It really doesn’t matter if they like it or not, the fact that foxnews spent so much time saying how bad it was, actually helps her campaign.  Any press is good press.  I’m not a Hillary fan at all but this was borderline genius by her camp.

On the other side, we have the republicans trying to keep Ron Paul out of the next debate.  So you have the democrats appealing to the online voter with a video and then on the other side you have republicans banishing their best online candidate…why would they piss off so much of their base is beyond me.  It doesn’t matter whether you like the guy or not, he has won all the online polls after debates and should be given a chance to speak.  He’s in the race.  It’s really a crime for them to do this to him and why I really hate the two party monopoly. 

We also have Obama apologizing to Hillary’s camp after his camp circulated a memo critical of her financial ties to India.  Obama looks weaker and weaker to me by the day(after his myspace flop).  He isn’t calling the shots in his own campaign and I’m pretty sure it is turning rotten from the inside on purpose.  The democratic leadership doesn’t want him in office and they will eventually give him the Howard Dean treatment. 

We also have Rudy Giuliani failing to fulfill his duty on studying Iraq(We already know he didn’t study 9-11).  Just another example of this guy just talking the talk but never doing anything.  His claim to fame is the fact that he happened to be in power during 9-11.  He didn’t do anything but talk and that’s all he ever does.  Why would anyone vote for him?

I don’t even feel the need to link to anything Bush does because I just think of him as irrelevant at this point.  But I did want to link to this great impersonation of Matthew McConaughey by Matt Damon.


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