Random Sports Notes

Just thought I’d throw out some opinions.

  • Tom Hicks is accusing Juan Gonzalez of using steroids (Juan should accuse Hicks of using cocaine)  What is Hicks thinking?  You can’t just throw one player under the bus.  oh wait, this is Tom Hicks…so of course you can.
  • Did anyone watch the finals last night?  I sure didn’t…not even a minute of it
  • Juwan Howard for Mike James…wow.  great signing by the T-wolves last year huh?  Do the Rockets have any interest in acquiring guys who are athletic?
  • Mike Nolan gets to wear a suit at home games.  Finally a no brainer decision by a commissioner…someone please convince Stern to quit.   Goodell has really been impressive so far.

One response to “Random Sports Notes

  1. Stern? Let’s start with Selig – he’s the biggest no-brainer of them all.

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