SEO Cheater of the Day – An SEO Company!

hat tip to reader “blasdf” who pointed these guys out.  Go ahead and open up this cheater.

Here we have an SEO firm (banging my head on my desk) cheating on their own site.  Where are they cheating you may be asking yourself?  Open up the source code and it’s much nicer looking in FireFox than IE.  Look at the alt tags in their images…they just stuff every keyword imaginable in there.  It’s ridiculous to see this happen. 

These guys are trying to sell their SEO services and this is their idea of SEO, stuffing keywords in alt tags.  And I’m not talking about one or two or even three words, some of these have over ten. 

Here is something interesting that I plan to do when I get a little more time:  Take a look at their portfolio to see if they are doing this with their clients.  If they are we can report every one of their clients. 

Please report these morons to Google Page and Yahoo here.


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