I am 0 for 3 on the NBA Finals

I can’t watch it.  I have zero interest.  I haven’t seen the ratings for game 3 but I know the first two games were way down. 

The San Antonio Spurs’ lopsided victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, pitted against the series finale of “The Sopranos,” drew a 5.6 national rating and a 10 share on ABC on Sunday night. That’s down 30 percent from the 8.0/14 received by the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat in 2006.

The ratings for Game 1 fell 19 percent from last year.

 How will the NBA respond to this?  There are so many complaints out there such as:

  • flopping
  • size of the court
  • bad play in general
  • bad officiating
  • bad announcing
  • playoffs are too long
  • too many days off between games

Did I leave any out?  I think it’s time for David Stern to go.

The Jack Bauer of Search Engine Optimization


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