Presidential Debates

I tried to watch the Democrat Debate on Sunday night but I just found myself shaking my head in disgust.  They all sound the same to me and I’m not real happy with any of them.  Of course, things get worse tonight with the Republican debate and all of their crappy candidates. 

I think the only candidate I enjoy listening to is Ron Paul, at this point.  I liked his interview on the Daily Show. 

 He looks at things from an intellectual point of view instead of from an emotional view.  We all know about his foreign policy positions but it was real telling for me  to hear him talk about domestic issues.  He has some libertarian views but he understands that people are dependent on government programs so you can’t just scrap those tomorrow.  He knows that you have to take things like that slowly so people don’t suffer. 

The whole Guliani thing still gets me.   Even Chris Todd, a democrat doesn’t understand it.  He just throws out the same old crap.


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