Poor Billy Donovan

How sad do you feel for billy today?  The guy signs a 5 year 27.5 million dollar contract and then changes his mind! 

I love this part:

FoxSports.com, citing two anonymous sources, first reported Sunday that Donovan was having second thoughts about coaching the Magic and approached both sides about getting out of the deal. According to one of the sources, the Magic forced Donovan to make a rash decision.

Did someone put a gun to his head?  How did they force him?  Billy, that’s how it works sometimes.  All of us have had to make quick decisions and if you don’t feel 100% about it then guess what?  Don’t do it!

That being said, there is no way Orlando keeps him as head coach.  How could you?  Do you really want someone there who doesn’t want to be there?  I don’t know the legal particulars but Donovan may owe the Magic some compensation in this deal because of the embarassment and setback this leaves the Magic with. 

Dwight Howard must be thrilled with the Magic right now….


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