Lebron and Darfur

I just ran across this story.  LeBron refuses to sign a document by his teammate Ira Newble where Newble writes the following:

“China cannot be a legitimate host to the premier international event in the sporting world – the Summer Olympic Games – while it remains complicit in the terrible suffering and destruction that continues to this day,”

So LeBron doesn’t sign because he doesn’t have enough information on the issue.  Okay LeBron, well ask Ira about it or go read an article and come back to us and tell us whether you will sign it now?

Also, why is this article completely focused on LeBron and now on Ira Newble.  Why is Ira Newble doing this?  Shouldn’t he be commended over this, let’s give him some air time.  This is a guy who has battled to make it in the NBA, he played in the CBA for awhile and is really a fringe player but yet decides to try and make an impact on the suffering happening in Darfur.   Hey, David Stern there’s some good press for you…but you’ll have to take on the Chinese Government…ahh nevermind.

Let’s applaud him and not focus on one spoiled athlete who refuses to sign it.   


One response to “Lebron and Darfur

  1. Yes – its too bad that LeBron didnt sign the petition right away – but he has now come back in support or Ira, the rest of the team and human rights … better late than never!

    And again, really a shame that Ira isnt getting more attention and praise for what he is doing. In the busy life of an NBA player, he is taking the time to look out for others, to step up and raise a voice to the atrocities going on. He is a great guy, and I can bet that like most humanitarians- feels that its not about the attention on him, but rather the attention it brings to the issue. And because of him players all over the NBA are speaking out for Darfur.
    Check out Ira, KObe and many other players speak out for Darfur and Aid Still Required at


    We all should see Ira and the others involved as a great inspiration – that ideally will get us up to make a difference as well.

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