Is this progress in Iraq?

Take a look at the news from yesterday and today over there.

  •  The military said seven soldiers and two Marines were killed in separate attacks Tuesday, bringing the U.S. death toll for the month to at least 80
  • gunmen drove into a commercial area in central Baghdad and opened fire on shops, killing four civilians and injuring 14 others
  • a parked car bomb exploded in a parking lot south of Baghdad, killing three civilians and wounding 15 others
  • In the town of Mandali, on the Iranian border 60 miles east of Baghdad, meanwhile, a suicide bomber walked into a packed market cafe and blew himself up Wednesday, killing 15 people and wounding 20 others
  • a suicide bomber blew himself up in the house of two brothers who were supporting a Sunni alliance opposed to al Qaida in the Anbar province, killing 10 people, including the men, their wives and their children
  • At least 100 Iraqis were killed or found dead nationwide Tuesday, They included 33 people found shot execution-style
  • A day earlier, a car bomb exploded at an outdoor market in a Shiite area of Baghdad, killing 25 people and wounding at least 60

Could you imagine all that taking place in just a few states in the US…about the size of Iraq?

9 soldiers lost their lives today and do you think they know why they are even fighting over there?  Why isn’t Iraq the main focus for everyone right now…you can’t just let it continue along the same path.  Why is Biden worried about Darfur?  We have no troops to send there.  I know two countries with a billion people each could afford to send some troops though.


5 responses to “Is this progress in Iraq?

  1. There seems to be little doubt that on the present course we will not continue to encounter these same “hazards to navigation”. Will it continue to be “death by a thousand cuts” or will we finally run aground in the middle of a typhoon?

    We really need to change the situation in Iraq by making some fundamental change. My answer would be to partition Iraq. We can come up with reasons why it would not work but I think that there are compellig reasons why it COULD work.

    If someone has a better answer than that I would love to hear it.

  2. That may very well be the answer…but do we have the right to do this? or does that even matter?

  3. Did we have the right to invade and occupy their country? Americans had no problem with that in 2002-2003.

    This has to have the participation of rhe world community, including Arabs and Iraqis. Obvoiously Iraqis need to decide. Iraq is not solving their problem by themselves They need consultants. That is where we come in in an advisory capacity.

  4. Actually to set the record straight, many Americans had problems with the invasion…there were protests everywhere and some of our senators have always been against it.

    As far as being consultants, I’m not sure Iraqis want to hear anything we have to say at this point.

  5. If the Iraqis want to continue killing each other instead of getting on with their lives Iin the end that is their right.

    Hopefully they could be made to realize that they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces.

    When a fight breaks out in a bar, the participants may have a different point of view later on and might be glad someone broke up the fight.

    If some Iraqis become convinced it would be possible for them to convince other Iraqis.


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