Democrats Fold

They have really brought a lot of change since they’ve taken over Congress.  I love the first line:

“Flinching in the face of a veto threat, Democratic congressional leaders neared agreement with the Bush administration Tuesday on legislation to pay for the Iraq war without setting a timeline for troop withdrawal.”

 Flinching?  HaHa.  When will they stand up to anyone?  I hate both parties but the current democrats are so weak it infuriates me. 

Harry Reid really said this:

“He said Democrats would look to a different defense bill later this summer to “continue our battle — and that’s what it is — to represent the American people like they want us to represent them, to change the course of the war in Iraq.”

You really used the term “battle” when talking about a War funding bill?  I think the guys on the ground are in a battle…you sir, are not doing any sort of battle. 

This reminds me of Kellen Winslow.

You know the republicans are just laughing at the Dems over this.


One response to “Democrats Fold

  1. Theres not a dimes worth of difference in the GOP or Demos,
    except the republicans have bigger balls and smaller brains,
    especially prez Bush. Both attributes are endangering America.
    If we dont get a third party soon we all are doomed.

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