SEO Cheater of the Day

Booyah!   Hidden text at the bottom..why take this chance for a few sentences.  Those sentences could get you banned.  stupid web design.

Google Page and Yahoo here.


6 responses to “SEO Cheater of the Day

  1. New at this, so still learning every day. Thanks for the tip.


  2. I like this section of your blog. Finding a cheater a day keeps the internet cleaner each day.

  3. People that do these type of things are idiots. There is absolutely no benefit to hidden text and in most cases the text would really not have benefited the site had it not been hidden. People are going to lose their indexing over something that is nothing either way.

  4. Yeah, let’s see if I can keep finding cheaters…right now I find them while searching competitors of some clients.

    Actually Nashville, I think there is some benefit to hidden text as far as the initial rankings go. Some people do their whole site in flash and then add hidden text…that would benefit their rankings INITIALLY but then if they get banned their entire business would fail.

    So I agree they are idiots.

  5. I found a cheater, don’t know where to put it..

    Hidden Text behind pictures is not allowed ..

  6. Nice catch.


    I will post them later tonight with links to report them.

    keep em coming and i’ll keep posting.

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