Ron Paul and the Republicans

I posted a clip of Mike Gravel so I wanted to also post one of Ron Paul.  I should preface this by saying I didn’t watch this debate.  I’ve only seen the highlights.  I was very interested in this exchange with Guliani.  Basically, Paul is explaining his thoughts on why 9-11 happened.  He is citing a CIA report about how the US foreign policy is the reason that terrorists dislike the US and why some would like to attack us.  Guliani cuts in and repeats the same message that we heard right after the attacks…basically saying that we were attacked because we are free. 

Ok, that’s not exactly what Guliani is saying but he did attack Paul and ask him to recant what he said.  Look, Paul was trying to explain that the terrorists attacked us because they feel like the US foreign policy is basically an attack on them.  He’s not saying he agrees with them but I think he is saying he understands their motivation and that we should look at how we treat other countries and what we do to influence their political climates. 

Guliani takes it as if Paul is saying we should be attacked because of our foreign policy…I don’t agree with Guliani’s assesment.  And I’m sure Paul would say the same.  It’s an examination of why they attacked us.  I think that’s important to understand and apparently the CIA feels the same.  Does anyone think that terrorists are sitting around in a circle saying… “let’s attack the US because they are a free and democratic country!”  You think that’s a good rallying cry? 

It worries me that Guliani doesn’t understand this thought process and that he feels so defensive about it.  I’m not sure any Americans want the same narrow-minded attitudes that have been prevalent the past few years.  At some point you have to move beyond 9-11.  It was a great tragedy and thousand of innocent people died but we’ve been in 2 wars since and lost almost as many soldiers as who died in NYC that morning. 

I think we’re all ready for a new message.  I for one am not excited by any candidates from either party.  They all look like losers to me.  Anyone see it differently?


3 responses to “Ron Paul and the Republicans

  1. I agree with you. Honestly the more I hear about him the less I think Giuliani would be suitable to represent the U.S. as a whole. He doesn’t look at the big picture and I don’t think he is open minded enough to work with foreign leaders.
    Intrigued and want to know more? Read what Christopher Ruddy has to say.

  2. Please allow me to suggest a website for Ron Paul supporters. It’s a fundraising search engine where the owner contributes 50% of his site’s monthly earnings to help elect Ron Paul the next President of the United States in 2008.

    Ron Paul Fundraising

    Thank you.

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