Suns and Spurs Game 5 Thoughts

ok, i lied…i didn’t watch any of the 1st half.  I can’t make it through an entire NBA game if San Antonio is playing.  It’s brutal.

The Suns put up a hell of an effort though considering who they were missing.  Ginobli came up big for the Spurs and bailed Tim Duncan out after he choked on those two free throws at the end.

  • Nash made some great plays in the 4th but just couldn’t make enough by himself..that missed layup with about 2 min to go was big.
  • Marion had a huge 1st half…needed that 3 there in the final 2mins though. 
  • I can’t believe that Raja Bell got that flop call.  Terrible call.
  • Duncan is the most annoying basketball superstar that I can think of.   His whining and just entire attitude drives me nuts.
  • As a Mavs fan, it’s painful watching Finley make clutch plays out there for the Spurs.
  • Bowen is dirty, dirty.  I wish he would try that crap in pick up ball..someone would just bash his head into the ground.

I’m going to get into the whole NBA thing tomorrow at some point.  But this is a great read.

“One of the running debates of these playoffs: Is Bruce Bowen a cheap player? I love the fact that anyone’s actually debating this — if your answer is “no” or your answer is “I’m not sure,” then you’ve obviously never played basketball in your life. Bruce Bowen is a cheap player. There’s no debate. He’s not some clumsy power forward who can’t stay out of his own way (like Mark Madsen), or even some uncoordinated center who can’t remember to keep his elbows near his body (like Shawn Bradley). He’s a world-class athlete who has complete control over every inch of his body at all times. “


One response to “Suns and Spurs Game 5 Thoughts

  1. For Gator fans in favor of re-hiring their coach,

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