Another SEO Cheater…another design firm

I’m going to start making it a point to post cheaters on my blog.  Check out these dbags.  I’m going to teach everyone a little trick, first open up that site in a new tab or window so you can keep reading me.  Now hold down your left mouse button at the top left corner of the page and start moving the mouse to your right.  Do you see what is “appearing”? 

That’s what we called hidden text.  It is one of the most obvious ways to cheat and you would hope google would catch it but they haven’t.  As always report them to google here and to yahoo here

Let me talk about the bottom of their page.  Technically, it’s not spam as each link has its own page.  What they did do, is include each city on that link as a way to increase search results in those cities.  Google is supposed to recognize this link stuffing and not keep crediting each link but with Google you just can’t be too sure as to what they will catch.

Someone call CTU and get Chloe on the phone.


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