Bad SEO…from a Web Design Company?

I ran across a site for a web design company out of Austin, Texas.  I really couldn’t believe the tactic they were using….for their own company’s website.  Take a look at the website.

Everything looks fine to start out with…nice little site…but wait!  why is their a scroll bar on the right side?  I start to scroll down with it and nothing….I don’t see anything…still noth…Wait!  What is all this at the bottom, the very bottom.

These idiots have stuffed all this text at the bottom of the page along with all these fake links that are key word stuffed.  Look, we all need rankings but would you ever hire anyone to do your website if they are cheating on their own company’s site?  All of those links go to the same page…just with different names.  It’s unethical and could get them in trouble with Google, Live, and Yahoo. 

Go ahead and bookmark this Google Page.  You can report these types of infractions to Google directly. 


2 responses to “Bad SEO…from a Web Design Company?

  1. Yes, thank you I try to be. and this is how jack bauer would do things.

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