Help Military Families

I recently got back from California and had the opportunity to go to Sacramento to hear testimony on assembly Bill 170.  The bill is designed to give military families access to government pre schools in California.  The sad part is that military families used to be eligible for this service before their housing was privatised.

After Privatisation (which was done to benefit families) their earnings statement contained their base allowance for housing (BAH) this made them ineligible for government pre schools even though their income hadn’t changed.  Their housing allowance does not go in their pockets, it goes to whomever manages their housing…immediately.  Read More about it here.

So this seems like a no brain-er for the state of California to pass, right?  Well, for some reason the government claims that it will cost a lot of money to do this.  When I was in Sacramento I saw the analysis and it claimed that it would cost the state 7 million dollars (which is completely false) but when it was in front of the appropriations committee the government financial analyst said it would cost “tens of millions of dollars”.  What?

Where did he get this number and how misleading is that?  That could mean 90 million to some people.  I can’t figure out why he would flat out lie and I can’t figure out why none of the committee members called him on it.  So, I request that anyone who reads this calls them up or writes them a letter to ask them why. 

There’s a lot of talk about helping military families but this one instance proves that it’s just that…..a lot of talk.  It’s sad and I think they should be called on it.  This service was available to these families 3-4 years ago so why now does it cost “tens of millions of dollars” to put them back onto a list to get in to pre schools?

Call them on this today. 


2 responses to “Help Military Families

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  2. We do need all the help we can get. Thanks for your support!


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