In Search of a Midnight Kiss

My friend shot a movie called “In Search of a Midnight Kiss” and it is really interesting how they decided to market the movie through social networking.

They are using myspace a lot.  They have links to the actors and their myspace pages.  There is also a little window showing their myspace pics.  This does two things.  One it makes the actors accessible and two, it makes them easy targets for stalkers.  Ok, I’m kidding on the second one….kind of.  But, making the actors accessible sets you apart from other movies. 

From a SEO standpoint there are a few things they could have done differently like not making the entire site an image but they are going for referrals and not organic searches.  Also, I would have made the trailer stand out more.  Any time I do a website I usually try to make it easy for someone to do the intended action and this means putting the “main option” high and to the left.   high and to the left.  damn you keith hernandez.

I haven’t seen the movie yet but I hear it’s great.  Check out the trailer and if anyone is doing a similar project think about how these guys went about the marketing.  Each actor sends out myspace bulletins and can reach a lot of people fast.  Indie films have a hard time attracting viewers but getting creative can make or break your film and in this case it looks like it has worked for them.


2 responses to “In Search of a Midnight Kiss

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  2. Very smart observations. You should do SEO for a living!

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