Final Mavs / Warriors Observations

My favorite complain I’ve hear from Mavs fans this morning…”man, we really need a point guard who can pass”.   Pssst.  Mavs fans.  Steve Nash now plays for the Suns.

  • How did the Mavs not take advantage of Baron Davis on one leg?
  • I told everyone after last game that Dirk was getting unwarranted praise
  • Stephen Jackson  got ridiculously hot from 3 point range.
  • Bierdins (aka Euro Trash) beat the “hack a Euro Trash”
  • Matt Barnes looked like he had been beaten up, great performance by him.
  • I told you that Stephen Jackson was an excellent basketball player, smart player.

The Mavs never recovered from last year’s finals.  They are now 2-8 in their last 10 playoff games.  And the two that they won were aided by the Warriors collapsing in the final minutes of one and the ejections of Stephen Jackson and Baron Davis in the other.

Where do the Mavs go from here?  I dont’ think this group of guys will ever recover from this…or mainly last year.  That Portland team never recovered from their collapse against the Lakers in the playoffs where they blew that huge lead in the 4th quarter.  That team never got back to that point and I don’t see the Mavs getting there either.

Also, I wish people would stop calling the Warriors a bunch of thugs.  How are they thugs?  Yes, Stephen Jackson has had his problems and you could argue that he’s a thug (although I’d call you an idiot) but who else is a thug?

I think these are my off season thoughts for the Mavs.

  • Let Devin Harris be the true point guard
  • Show Dirk how to throw an elbow to clear out space so he can’t be crowded
  • Let Stackhouse walk
  • Do whatever it takes to resign Diop
  • Pray that Mark Cuban doesn’t sell the team and quit

My Warriors observations for their next series.

  • Al Harrington just might wake up and Monta Ellis will be less scared of the playoffs
  • Will Baron last in the playoffs?  He’s gutting it out but how long will it hold up?
  • Matt Barnes luck better not run out
  • I want to see Golden State and the Suns…please make it happen.

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