Mavs and Warriors Game 5 Observations (More Clapping)

First off I thought it was a great game…and yes I am on record as saying I hate the NBA but this was a very entertaining game.  Mark Cuban can breathe easy for another day.

Let’s get right to the observations:


Devin Harris played outstanding in the 2nd half.  He took it right at Golden State and they weren’t prepared for it.  Baron Davis really didn’t want any part of it and the Golden State big me couldn’t get over quick enough.  Not sure what to expect of him on thursday but he turned this game around for the Mavs.  I could care less about Dirk’s shots at the end and his block.  If Devin hadn’t of saved them earlier then Dirk would have missed the boat again.

Austin Croshere hit some huge shots and played tough inside.  Great call by Avery in going with him.

Josh Howard, Jason Terry, and Jerry Stackhouse all seem to be very average players in this series.  They hit a shot here and there but really don’t make a difference.  There games are primarily one on one and none of them are very good one on one defenders. 

Diop, man he has quick hands.  Dampier why are you sitting on the bench with a heat pad on your shoulder..I mean come on.  So dramatic.

Golden State:

Stephen Jackson is a very smart basketball player.  I never realized this but the guy understands the game of basketball.  He is also a very good passer.  Looking at his stats, they don’t look very good.  But time after time he seemed to make the right pass or the right read regardless of the outcome. 

Baron Davis just continued to play well except against Devin Harris.

Al Harrington showed life in the 1st half and then didn’t play hardly at all in the 2nd.  strange decision there by Nelson.

Matt Barnes.. Are you kidding me?  He had the game of his life.  Hitting all those shots.  He’s a scrapper but sometimes you almost think he’s good but then I look at him and think “no way”. 

Jason Richardson …very quiet out there.  Had 23 points but they were quiet points.

What I noticed:

Golden State is very similar to a run and shoot team in football.  Not in the obvious way of scoring points but in that they can’t sit on a lead.  In football, that was one of the problems with run and shoot teams, they couldn’t run the football at the end of games to kill the clock.  Golden State ran into that problem.  When they slowed the game down, the mavs were able to double team Baron Davis and force him to give up the ball and it really screwed up Golden State’s offense.  Normally, one of the other guys would just shoot it but they were trying to kill some clock and it took them completely out of their rythym.

The refs:

My only complaint against the refs game officiating is something I’ve been bitching about for a few years now.  The refs in the NBA are horrible at one specific thing.  They don’t watch the shooter after he shoots and what the defender does or doesn’t do.  A prime example is when Jason Richardson was fouled at the end of the game but the ref was looking at the shot instead of the shooter.  That is amateur officiating and there is no excuse at this level.  It’s not his job to watch the shot and you are taught that as an official at the lowest level.  It used to happen to Dirk a lot.  He would shoot a 3 and the defender would hit him but the ref was always looking at the shot and would miss the call.  I can’t explain the frustration I have with this blatant error in officiating. 

The Clapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are the NBA officials afraid of something.  You throw  a guy out of the game for clapping?  For CLAPPING!  What kind of second rate league is this.  It will be worse if they suspend him for it.  So it’s ok to yell at the refs but if you actually clap that gets you thrown out.  These refs are that insecure?  Stupid.  David Stern you are stupid for not doing anything about this.  You know, it’s a good thing Kevin Garnett isn’t in the playoffs because he claps all the time and he’d get thrown out of every game. 


One response to “Mavs and Warriors Game 5 Observations (More Clapping)

  1. I don’t think the Mavs are gonna pull this series, but I really want them to. However, IF they do win it, I think coming back from 3-1 is going to be powerful for the rest of the playoffs. It’s gonna make everyone else wonder what’s it gonna take to get rid of these guys. And it will wake the Mavs up.

    We’ll see.

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