What is Mark Cuban thinking about today?

I like Mark Cuban as an owner, for the most part.  He does some things that I think are stupid…like complaining about the refs and whining on the sidelines and of course NOT RESIGNING STEVE NASH!  You can tell I’m not over that last one.  I just wonder what is going through his head today. 

He did everything he could think of to put the Mavericks in a position to win the Championship and now they are on the brink of elimination.  The Mavs are choking but then again, they choked last year too.  But, Cuban must me steaming at this point…just thinking about having to sit through another off season of disappointment.  He’s spent millions of dollars on this franchise, turned it around and now is watching them lose to the 8th seed in the playoffs and maybe go down as the biggest upset in NBA history.

 Ouch!  Someone buy the guy lunch today.

Did I mention he is losing to Don Nelson, his old coach and a guy he can’t stand anymore? 

(on a side note…how is josh howard ever considered a good defender?)  He sucks on defense…I like the player but he gets destroyed when he plays against great players…otherwise we could put him on Baron…but as my friend says “then Baron will go for 50).


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