Cowboys Draft Recap – I love it

I don’t see how anyone can criticize the dallas cowboys draft.  The reason:  They got Cleveland’s #1 pick next year and did it without giving up there 1st rounder this year. 

Ok technically they did but they didn’t….if you know what me and John Kerry mean by that. 

Dallas traded its first round pick to Cleveland for the Browns’ second round pick (36th overall) and for a first round pick in 2008.  Then they used that 2nd round pick to trade back into the 1st round. 

Dallas still got the player they wanted with that #1 pick in Anthony Spencer who looks like he is just a terror when rushing the passer. Kind of reminds me of trent cole and a poor man’s shawn merriman.  Shorter (is 6-3 short?) and 260 pounds.  Just looks like he’s tough to block and that’s what we need. 

The two offensive lineman will help with depth and guard against injury.  They also are pretty versatile which is good for game day rosters.  It would be nice if we can get Procter to be the back up center as well as guard. 

Stanback is a very interesting pick.  I saw this guy play a few times in college and thought he was a heck of an athlete.  Not sure if that will translate into a WR or not but if Matt Jones goes in the 1st round because he can run a 4.3 then taking stanback, who reportedly also can run a 4.3, in the 3rd isn’t a real reach. 

I have no problem with them taking a kicker in the 6th’s a 6th round pick…who cares.  Take a chance on getting someone who can kick touchbacks because you already have McBriar who is great and if your kick off guy can keep the ball from Devin Hester too then you are in business.  Yeah, we picked up a couple of other guys and the fullback has a fascinating story that everyone should read.  Deon Anderson’s story is here.

But, the key is the extra 1st round pick.  I don’t care what Cleveland’s record turns out to be next year.  The real point is that you take the gamble that they are going to suck.  If you had to place  a bet wouldn’t you say Cleveland was going to have a top 10 pick next year and probably top 5.  It may not happen as the NFL is unpredictable but the gamble is worth taking and a calculated gamble.  Plus, you didn’t give up much to do it. 

The only disappointing thing about this draft for me is that none of the WR’s fell to us in the 2nd round but maybe Steinback can be that guy. 

Look at it this way, if Romo sucks next year then we might have two top 5 picks to get our QB and RB or WR of the future.


One response to “Cowboys Draft Recap – I love it

  1. That was smart manuevering by Dallas. What kind of team is Cleveland supposed to have? I wonder how far up that pick will land the Cowboys next year.

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