The end of the Strong Safety?

The Washington Redskins just picked Laron Landry a safety out of LSU.  He is 6-2 202…your basic FS.  But, the Redskins already have a great free safety in Sean Taylor…so does this mean they are going with the double free safety? 

I’ve been saying for awhile that every team should really go with this.  Most CB’s and FS’s can tackle now and there is no point in having a strong safety out there who can’t cover.  What hurts you more?  A strong safety who gets beat deep or gets a pass intereference penalty or a safety who can’t bring down a RB with a big hit in the open field and maybe needs a few yards to slow him up.  I’d rather give up an extra 4 yards than the big play because if your safety is tackling the other teams running back then you are already giving up 8 or so yards.

 It will be interesting to see if other teams follow this…the Chargers did it last year.  I’m a Cowboys fan and I hate seeing Roy Williams back there at SS.  I’d rather have two FS’s and no roy as his big hits don’t do anything for me and rarely produce a positive play.  heck, half the time he hits our own players. I think it’s old school to use a SS and not necessary. 


2 responses to “The end of the Strong Safety?

  1. I disagree, if you have a weak linebacking core, d-line + weak defensive backs. It’s going to be a long game as a good coach will run his “running backs” to death. I would rather have my shut-down safety on the field for the first two downs, then switch the coverage, and send in atleast 4 DB types for a 3rd and long. (first downs will come all day if you dont deny the running game)

  2. I agree and disagree on this Andy..obviously if you have week LB’s then you will need safeties that can hit and tackle. I would guess that most teams have some good LB’s though. I would also say that in today’s NFL a team is more likely to pass on 1st and 2nd down so you need to be ready for that. KC or the Bears are a different story but a lot of teams are using the passing game to open up the running game. Although if I’m playing against Larry Johnson then I would probably rather have a bigger safety back there.

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