Mike Gravel goes off on his fellow Presidential Candidate’s

Sen. Mike Gravel at SC Debates 04/26/07

You don’t see this in most debates. He calls out his fellow democrats right to their face. I love it!

This guy could turn into the next Dean which will cause the Democratic Leadership to destroy him much like they did Dean but it will still make the other Democrats move to the left and that’s something they don’t want to do.  The Iran issue is going to be interesting to watch.  I love his banter with Obama. 

If the media picks up on him and doesn’t turn him into another Kucinich then he will have an effect on the race.  It’s nice to hear someone talking to us instead of talking at us, no matter if you agree with him or not.  I’m so sick of hearing candidates just use their same talking points over and over without really offering plans for anything. 

He has a legitimate point…would the other democratic candidates use Nukes on Iran?  Would they start a pre-emptive war by using a Nuke? 


2 responses to “Mike Gravel goes off on his fellow Presidential Candidate’s

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