Terrorists and Monkey Bars


I was thinking about that video that played over and over again right after 9-11.  You know the terrorist training camp video where you see Bin Laden shooting an AK and guys doing the monkey bars like they are in an obstacle course.

 I am looking for a link to the video but haven’t found it yet.  I just remember thinking there are some problems with this:

Bin Laden looks like he’s impressed that the gun actually works.  I mean he fires it and either he hadn’t fired one before or bought this one for 25 cents and didn’t expect it to work.  Are we supposed to be scared of him firing an AK? 

The 2nd issue I had and a bigger issue in my mind was the monkey bar segment.  Are these guys training for American Gladiators or terrorist activities.  What purpose do monkey bars serve in all this?  Should we remove monkey bars from all playgrounds?  I mean they obviously know how to use them and they are found in schools across the country…oh my God!  Why aren’t we removing these?  How stupid could we be?

So, I guess my point is this (and remember I never claim to ever, ever have points in this blog) that video was just taken in by most people.  Did anyone stop to think, what exactly does this show?  It shows Bin Laden shooting an AK and guys on monkey bars doing an obstacle course…are we supposed to be frightened?  I mean, I would like their chances playing paintball on saturday but couldn’t we have shown better clips…maybe guys training on how to hijack a plane or put together a bomb.  But, we showed monkey bars…and no one said a thing!  No one pointed this out, that’s how blind we were at that time. 

 I did find a pic of that off of this site.  Here is there title: BUSH CLAIMS DECISIVE VICTORY IN WAR ON TERROR: RAID ON AL QAEDA JUNGLE GYM

It’s a pretty funny take on this and no that’s not how I got the idea for it but I came across it while looking for the video.  if anyone has the video post it in the comments and i’ll give you some props. 


One response to “Terrorists and Monkey Bars

  1. horendo revolver

    they jump over bars too. back and forth between the hand over hand bars and jumping over bars.

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